Amazon EC2 | How Much Does The Most Expensive Instance Cost?

June 21st 2020

The most expensive Amazon EC2 is currently the p3dn.24xlarge which costs $31.212 USD per hour when running a Linux OS and $35.628 per hour when running the Window OS on the instance in the US East (N. Virginia) region. The instance comes with 96 vCPUs, 768 GiB of RAM and two 900 GB NVMe SSDs.

Microsoft Azure | Can This Cloud Be Used For Free?

June 20th 2020

All Microsoft Azure services have a pricing model attached to them, however there is a list of services that are ALWAYS free if the usage of those services stay under specific limits. The free services include things like Azure CosmosDB, Azure Functions, Azure Active Directory and more.

Amazon Fargate | AWS Fully Managed Container Service

June 20th 2020

AWS Fargate works by having the underlying servers fully configured, hosted, patched, monitored and maintained by AWS. This enables a completely serverless experience for the customer to run distributed fleets of containers. The customer only pays for time that the container instances are used.

Azure Key Vault | Is This A Secure Service To Store Secrets?

June 18th 2020

Microsoft Azure Key Vault is designed in a way that prevents Microsoft from ever seeing the raw keys or secrets. The private data is processed with FIPS 140-2 level 2 validated HSMs. Multiple permission points must be passed to retrieve any secret information. Any access can be logged for review.

What Does On Demand Pricing Mean For The Cloud?

June 17th 2020

On demand pricing for cloud service providers is the pricing rate at which a given service is priced during the time period in which the service is used. A pre-negotiated contract is not required to receive on demand pricing for these services.

Amazon DynamoDB | What is it used for?

June 15th 2020

Amazon DynamoDB is a managed NoSQL database and is used for storing an unlimited amount of unstructured key value or document-like data. Usage examples include user data stores, metadata caches, graph relationship stores, game states, leaderboards, user event streams, and many others.

Amazon S3 | Storage Cost For 1 Terabyte of Data

June 9th 2020

In the AWS S3 US East Region (North Virginia) using standard storage, the first 50 terabytes will have a per terabyte cost of $23.55 USD per month. The next 450TB of storage will have a per terabyte cost of $23.53 USD per month. Every terabyte after that is an additional $21.50 USD per month.