Azure Blob Storage | How To Upload An Image With Javascript

August 3rd 2020

Customer images can be uploaded directly to an Azure Blob Storage account using the v12 Azure Blob Storage javascript client library for the browser. Using this library, front end code is able to upload and fetch files directly with the browser when using a valid shared access signature.

Is It Possible To Resize An AWS EC2 Instance?

July 8th 2020

An AWS EC2 instance is resizable if the instance is an elastic block store backed instance. The instance type or instance family can be updated meaning the number of cores, amount of memory, amount of storage, and other aspects of the instance can all be changed.

11 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Consider Using AWS

July 6th 2020

Any small business should consider using the AWS cloud to host their technical needs as it can save large amounts time and money while helping bring goals into reality more quickly. The AWS cloud will be more reliable and have more technical capability than what a small business can do on their own.

Is The Amazon Web Services Cloud Reliable?

July 5th 2020

Amazon Web Services has had only twelve major service events that impacted AWS service availability between June 8, 2011 and August 23, 2019 as shown on their post event summaries page. This is an incredibly reliable cloud provider and their services can be highly trusted to remain available.

13 Reasons Why A Small Business Should Use Microsoft Azure

July 4th 2020

Microsoft Azure is definitely worth considering for a small business as there may be savings in time, money, and time to market for many projects they are hosting. The small business will also get to rely on the expertise Microsoft has in this area instead of requiring in house knowledge.

Microsoft Azure | Learn How To Easily Master This Cloud

July 4th 2020

Microsoft has created and freely provided a vast amount of documentation for their Azure services. Over and above this they have prepared many tutorials, courses, and exams to help their Microsoft Azure customers easily become proficient in any of the available services.

Amazon Web Service | Easy Ways To Learn This Cloud

July 3rd 2020

Amazon Web Services provides an extensive amount of documentation resources for all of their services. They also offer free digital training, in class training and private training. On top of this there are a large amount of learning paths made available for most end user use cases.

10 Things You Can Do On Microsoft Azure Without Writing Code

July 2nd 2020

Microsoft Azure is a cloud environment which provides access to a vast array of services to accomplish many tasks. Many of these services do not require any programming skills from the end user. This includes storage services, machine learning services, search services, migration services and more.

How Are Amazon EC2 And Amazon EMR Different?

July 1st 2020

Amazon EC2 is a cloud based service which gives customers access to a varying range of compute instances, or virtual machines. Amazon EMR is a managed big data service which provides pre-configured compute clusters of Apache Spark, Apache Hive, Apache HBase, Apache Flink, Apache Hudi, and Presto.

Cloud Spot Instances | When Shouldn’t They Be Used?

June 29th 2020

Spot instances should not be used with applications or systems that are unable to handle intermittent or random failures of nodes. Processing tasks that have long run times to complete their work with no external partial saving mechanism should also avoid being run on spot instances.